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Project Description
binaries and source to do string-tracing from code written in sun java, like JDK 1.4.2.
Write trace or log messages, decode trace.

Often logging to text file is good enough. Sometimes, however, a combination of the following is needed:
- Log to a file from multiple thread;
- Log to a file from multiple processes;
- High-speed logging, while cannot buffer logging records (some will be lost if app crashes)
- Turn on and off logging without restarting app

The loglib.dll is providing this functionality (by using ETW).
Sample java code is:

lic class test
public static void main(String[] args)
log("test starts");
log("test starts");
log("test starts");
log("library loaded");
// init
loglib.initializeEtw("xxx", "c:\\xxx.etl");

// write
log("wrote events");

// stop

// decode
loglib.decodeEtw("xxx", "c:\\xxx.etl", "c:\\xxx.etl");

log("test ends");
static void log(String message)

All source code is in the attached zip file. The zip file is uploaded as Patch (see Source Code tab).

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